Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award

Super Reader’s Little Monster Adventure app has won Academics’ Choice Smart Media award! To see our app on Academics’ Choice website and for a list of app award winners click here. Here are a few things that was said about Super Reader’s Little Monster Adventures:  The Little Monster Adventure interactive storybooks are superb at developing reading confidence and fluency – the power to read
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Free App

Our newest app, Super Reader’s Super Jumble, is now available on the App store!  Super Jumble is a fun spelling game that will help your child become a better speller.  Race the clock to spell as many words as you can.  The longer the word, the more points you earn. This app is not only just for kids; parents will enjoy playing Super Jumble
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Introducing: Super Reader’s Little Monster Adventures App

It is finally here!  The new reading fluency app by Super Readers is now available!  ”Super Reader’s Little Monster Adventures” is a controlled vocabulary educational reading fluency app designed to help your child become a better reader. Just like our first Super Readers app, Little Monster Adventures is comprised of 10 controlled vocabulary (sight words based) stories that are differentiated by reading levels: End
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Boundaries Help Teach Self Control

Boundaries are a hard concept for little ones to learn.  My two year old niece likes to get into everything and when we tell her “no,” her response is “why?”  ”Don’t touch the hot stove.” “Why?” “Don’t jump off the chair.” “Why?” She is learning that boundaries are there to keep her safe and to learn self control. The same goes for the rules
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Teachers Are Our Friends

It’s a funny feeling, running into an old teacher of yours that you haven’t seen for many, many years.  You seem to be instantly transformed from the current adult that you are to the child version of yourself in a matter of seconds.  You may even feel tongue tied and nervous depending on the relationship that you once had with this particular individual who
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A- Always be on time

Always being on time is difficult enough, but with children involved, that is a feat all in its own.  When I have to get out the door with my five month old for doctor appointments and other meetings I try to set a specific time for us to leave the house by.   I have learned, through trial and error, that if I don’t
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The Power of Reading

Hello everyone!  I am sorry that I have not been writing regularly for quite some time now; I have been adjusting to mommyhood.  I am immensely enjoying my now five-month-old daughter, and I am trying to get back into the swing of things, which is still a major work in progress.  Olivia is currently napping, so I had better make this fast because she
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Super Readers on Nabi

Our fun Super Sight Words app is now available on nabi tablet!  Now there are even more ways for your little one to enjoy playing and mastering their sight words.

Super Readers’ New Fluency App Coming Soon

Super Readers will launch a new reading fluency app soon that will have 10 all new stories to help your child practice their reading skills.  More information to come.  Check back soon to see when it will be launched.

Read, Read, Read

Your back to school routine is now in full swing.  The lazy days of summer are completely gone and the rigid school schedule is back in session.  School, fall extracurricular activities, dinnertime, bath time, homework time and bedtime routines have reared their lovely heads once again.  With all that is going on in your family’s busy schedule, don’t forget one very important component to
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